Sunday, January 9, 2011

John Lennon: Liar or Fool?

"I enjoyed it like hell, but for art, I never learned a damn thing."

When I read those words from John Lennon, regarding art school, I couldn't figure out if he was a fool or a liar. I'm still not sure.

It's unthinkable to me that anyone creative could fail to learn something from an experience--be it positive or negative. We're the sum total of every moment that's gone before, including times that seem like they're made of air.

So for such a man to say he's learned nothing, I can't help but think: What a waste, or what a liar.


  1. I disagree somewhat. I agree with most of what you are saying, but I agree with Lennon's statement about art school. I felt that way about it too. I had fun with some of the kids I was working with at the time who happened to be going to the same school, but that wwas an incidental that would have happened regardless. The classes taught me nothing I didn't already know about art, and it was a frustrating loss of money for me as well as time. I think the idea of being in school was thrilling, but going was not productive. I'd learned more privately before, and I learned more after as well. I am sure there were those who did learn there. The education was good. It just wasn't for me. The people were cool, but you don't need to spend money to meet good people.

  2. Had to re-comment. I suppose you could say that I learned I could make myself and mold myself into whatever I wanted. I didn't need to pay someone else to do it in the image they envisioned by rote format at adollar-per-hour fee. I learned I could do a better job on my own. In that respect I did learn, and I also regretted the loss of time and thought.

  3. idk... I've always thought Lennon was just too damn cool for himself. It's not a trait I admire in an artist.