Monday, October 18, 2010

Siblings Without Rivalry

My sister and I couldn't be more different.

There's an eleven-year age gap between us which means she's the baby and I'm the typical eldest child.

She's a blue-eyed blonde, while I'm all dark eyes and hair.

I basically tripped over my own feet trying to scramble out of the nest when time came to pick colleges (I chose one a good eight hours away--by car), while she's still content to linger with our folks.

She just had a car accident involving her and a shopping cart bay, while I'm a one-shot parker.

She's the fashionista and the shopaholic. I'm...not. Although all bets are off if shopping involves shoes and great boots.

I love alpha males, she loves the betas.

She dresses her Bichon Frise. I let my dog keep her dignity.

She loves rugby. I really don't.

I'm outward-going and confident while she's much shyer.

We both love chocolate. And lipgloss.

We both read urban fantasy.

We mocked BloodRayne in the theater until we cried.

I can tell her anything. She can tell me anything.

We'd both do anything for those we love (especially each other).

My sister and I couldn't be more similar.

The commonalities and differences between siblings fascinates me. How similar (or dissimilar) are you to yours?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where I Would Go...

The latest post over at Mother. Write. (Repeat.) kick-started my brain into thinking about the places I want to visit someday before my knees need replacing.

El Camino del Rey in Andalucia, Spain. Yes, really.

The American Museum of Natural History.

The world's underground cities--modern and old--including the catacombs in Rome.


Then to Africa to thaw out; I want to see big cats in the wild. Resisting the urge to write LOLcat captions for them won't be easy, but I do like a challenge.

Victoria Falls, especially the Devil's Pool.

Provence and Tuscany--for the scenery and good eats.

The Richat Structure.

The Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico.

Some place unexplored thus far.

My favorite places in fiction.

My places in fiction. Like me, my main characters tend to be explorers and adventurers or they're pushed to undertake some physical journey. I gave the planet a fat lip and some broken bones in THE BONE JAR and now I'm rebuilding it somewhat askew for my WIP. So, yeah, I'd love to walk that world for a bit, just to check things out.

Where would you go if money and time were not an option, and you weren't in immediate need of a hip replacement?