Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reading Interrupted

Winter was made for reading. But not this one. At least not for me.

See, I'm trapped in the throes of a reading malaise.

Nothing's grabbing me. Not old favorites. Not the glossy new covers of books designed to seduce readers like me. I even scan and pan magazine articles, newspapers, blog posts, my attention dwindling to a thin thread that soon snaps inches below the byline.

It's not them--it's me.

I have a plan for times like these. It's never failed before. To B&N I go, membership card in hand, and dig for treasure on the shelves. Quirky non fiction. Unread classics. New-to-me authors. Any cover flap that promises something new and distinctly other.

But not this time. The malaise has got me good.

I know why: because I'm waiting on something wonderful. So I know the damp edges of this listlessness will dissipate shortly. And there's a pile of amazing books waiting on me when it does.

Books are perpetually patient. They'll wait forever to be read. But I'll be coming for them...soon.