Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reading Interrupted

Winter was made for reading. But not this one. At least not for me.

See, I'm trapped in the throes of a reading malaise.

Nothing's grabbing me. Not old favorites. Not the glossy new covers of books designed to seduce readers like me. I even scan and pan magazine articles, newspapers, blog posts, my attention dwindling to a thin thread that soon snaps inches below the byline.

It's not them--it's me.

I have a plan for times like these. It's never failed before. To B&N I go, membership card in hand, and dig for treasure on the shelves. Quirky non fiction. Unread classics. New-to-me authors. Any cover flap that promises something new and distinctly other.

But not this time. The malaise has got me good.

I know why: because I'm waiting on something wonderful. So I know the damp edges of this listlessness will dissipate shortly. And there's a pile of amazing books waiting on me when it does.

Books are perpetually patient. They'll wait forever to be read. But I'll be coming for them...soon.


  1. I spent about two years like this. I got ridiculously picky. In the end, I found my salvation in thrift shops; as much as I love glossy, new-smelling books (God, the smell!), my favourite reads are always, always tucked into the corner of a charity shop. I don't know why. (Maybe I'm behind my time, lol).

  2. Hey, you might be behind your time, but that's a great idea. :D

    It's funny how even devout booklovers go through this. Two years? Wow.

  3. I blame three very hardcore years of reading for an English degree :P

  4. If you haven't already tried these:

    1. The Foreign Student by Susan Choi. Writing so good it clears your sinuses.
    2. Daybook by Anne Truitt. Will make even a jaded writer feel inspired.
    3. A Room Made of Windows by Eleanor Cameron. About a 12 year old girl who is determined to be a writer. If you have been that girl, this is simply the best book on the planet. Out of print but worth finding.

  5. Oooh, thank you for the recommendations. They're going on my list. :)

  6. I'm there too. I'm trying known great books, like Dune -- and it's failing to captivate me. Maybe it's because I just got Netflix with an internet ready TV and I'm too engrossed with old Farscape episodes? (Claudia Black is HOT)

    Or maybe I need to expand my horizons a bit and get out of fantasy for a while.

    If you're looking for something really well written, then try "Absence of Nectar" by Kathy Hepinstall. I'm biased about her, but it's a great read.

  7. Weird. I've been tossing and turning a bit, too. I loved 'American Rose' the biography of Gypsy Rose Lee, by Karen Abbott, but since then, I've picked up and put down a number of books. That's not like me.

    Sun spots and solar flares. That must be it.

  8. That must be it, Jamie. Or the change of season. :)

    Eric, interesting that you're in the same boat. So many of us seem to be there right now. Of course, I always recommend reading outside your favorite genre--that's how I broke my last go-around with a similar malaise. I've read Kathy's book, btw. She's fabulous.

  9. Two books that really moved me recently:

    Mudbound by Hillary Jordan and
    Every Last One by Anna Quindlen