Monday, October 18, 2010

Siblings Without Rivalry

My sister and I couldn't be more different.

There's an eleven-year age gap between us which means she's the baby and I'm the typical eldest child.

She's a blue-eyed blonde, while I'm all dark eyes and hair.

I basically tripped over my own feet trying to scramble out of the nest when time came to pick colleges (I chose one a good eight hours away--by car), while she's still content to linger with our folks.

She just had a car accident involving her and a shopping cart bay, while I'm a one-shot parker.

She's the fashionista and the shopaholic. I'm...not. Although all bets are off if shopping involves shoes and great boots.

I love alpha males, she loves the betas.

She dresses her Bichon Frise. I let my dog keep her dignity.

She loves rugby. I really don't.

I'm outward-going and confident while she's much shyer.

We both love chocolate. And lipgloss.

We both read urban fantasy.

We mocked BloodRayne in the theater until we cried.

I can tell her anything. She can tell me anything.

We'd both do anything for those we love (especially each other).

My sister and I couldn't be more similar.

The commonalities and differences between siblings fascinates me. How similar (or dissimilar) are you to yours?

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  1. I have no siblings, which should set your mind at rest. There is only one of me.